3 common mistakes hiring mangers make (and how to fix them)

3 common mistakes hiring managers make

Hiring new employees is a long process. There are bound to be hiccups along the way, whether it’s a candidate rejecting your job offer six months into the process or mixing up candidates during interviews. A number of these incidents might not be in your control as a hiring manager. However, these three mistakes are often at the hands of the recruiter and are constantly overlooked. Don’t worry though, they’re easy to fix if you know where to look for them.

1. Not recording notes on a candidate

Whether it’s your first interview or your last, you’re bound to mix up candidates if you’re not taking notes during the interview process. It may be easier to remember certain conversations over others but without a reference sheet to look back on, chances are you’ll confuse who said what. To fix this, make sure you’re recording notes on candidates directly on their resume and storing them electronically. Many recruiting technologies are starting to incorporate CRM-enabled functionality that allow you to keep these records organized during the recruiting process, so make sure to take full advantage of an integrated talent management system.

2. Only considering candidates for one job

Candidates that applied for a certain role are often reviewed in light of the job’s responsibilities and requirements. Although this should certainly be your first step, a common mistake hiring managers make is to only review them in regards to that position. Otherwise you’ll miss out on valuable talent that might be a good fit for a different role. Share resumes with colleagues if you come across a strong candidate and store any resumes that aren’t necessarily perfect at the moment, but might be for a job in your department down the road.

3. Forgetting to follow up

It’s a hassle following up with every candidate that applied for an open position, but it’s necessary. It may be easier to remember following up after speaking with a candidate, but it’s much more common to forget to follow up with candidates who did not even make the first cut. Every application deserves to be acknowledged and by doing so, you’ll build better relationships with candidates in the long term. Managing your company brand is an important factor in attracting competitive talent so going the extra mile will ensure candidates have great things to say about applying for your company.

Mistakes are unavoidable during the hiring process, especially if you hire frequently. Even a small mistake though can have a detrimental impact so be aware of the mistakes you might be making as a hiring manager. Feel like you’re still struggling to stay on top of the hiring process? OneWire’s talent management system can help you manage the entire recruiting cycle, from sourcing to hire.

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